Transition One exists to equip this generation to lead fearlessly, love people endlessly, and pursue God unconditionally.

We do this by being dedicated to success in four areas:


Discover your passions, better understand your strengths and weaknesses, and discover who God has made you to be.


Build relationship with fellow students whose goals and values match yours.  Learn more about team building and what it takes to be an effective leader.


Step out of your comfort zone and spend three months overseas serving and making a real change in the world.


Become deeper and stronger in your relationship with God. Grow in your understanding of the Bible and the basics of Christian theology.





Director/Main Instructor

Joe has been in ministry since 1970 in a variety of ways such as music, missions, evangelism, pastor, author, and teacher. He spent eleven years as a missionary in Europe, India, and the Philippines before coming back to the States. Before moving to Green Bay, Joe was the director for Youth with a Mission’s Discipleship Training School in El Paso, Texas as well as the director for missions teams in Scandinavia, Italy, and the Philippines. He has been on pastoral staff at Celebration Church since 2009 and has been the director of Transition One since the program began in 2015. Joe is married to Kate and has three grown children.

Email: joeg@transitionone.org


Transition One Intern

Lily completed her first year of Transition One and has been serving as a second-year intern for the 2019-2020 school year.  Lily is from Wiesbaden, Germany where her parents serve in the U.S. military.  She is in charge of Transition One weekly scheduling including coordinating student activities with local Green Bay non-profits and with staff at Celebration Church in Green Bay where our T1 campus is located.  She has also taught T1 classes and led all of our team building experiences.  Lily brings tons of travel experience with her as our intern, having traveled to twenty-two different countries before she entered the T1 program.  She spent three months in India for her missions program and will soon be accompanying this year's T1 students to Guatemala.
Email: lily.young00@gmail.com



Jacob Hodgkiss.JPG

I think that Transition One was an amazing decision for me. After high school, I did not feel prepared to take on college, despite my grades showing that I was certainly capable. T1 afforded me the opportunity to meet some amazing people and grow stronger in my faith than I thought would have been possible. I am more ready for college than I could have imagined because I can say for certain that Jesus is my Savior, and my position in faith cannot be shaken.

Jacob H.

Class of 2018


My gap year in Transition One was one of the best years of my life. Taking the year between high school and college really opened my eyes to what was most important, serving the Lord. My prayer life got 10 times better, I learned to understand the Bible well and the importance of reading it, and I gained spiritual disciplines, and leadership skills.

My mission to South Africa was life changing. I will never forget all the people I met and and had the chance to serve. My classmates are still my best friends to this day. This program was the biggest blessing I never knew I needed, I would recommend it for everyone.

Maya W.

Class of 2017


My year in Transition One set me up for my future!

When I started the program I had no idea what I wanted my priorities to be. I had no next steps, no goals, and no plans to get there. Going through the program solidified how important my faith is. It helped me realize how important family is and opened my eyes to how other people live around the world.  

In the first part of the program I learned what type of relationship I wanted with God and how to live it. There were a variety of guest teachers who taught life skills, which I use everyday. I learned how to budget, how to handle a job interview, and how to develop leadership skills. The second part of the program I spent three months doing mission work in India. I had opportunities to serve and to grow in empathy and understanding of how people live in different parts of the world. It was a lot of hard work, prayer, and growth. Transition One impacted who I am, and I am forever grateful.

Luke H.

Class of 2016


Transition One was, in a nutshell, a year of accelerated growth spiritually and personally. Now that I am two years out of the program, I am still frequently using what was taught in the various lessons we had during the year. Living overseas and being exposed to people with limited resources and opportunities has moved me to use all that I have been blessed with to serve God and others. Once I hit college, I realized how hard it is to make time for God in the daily grind, but Transition One set my standard of making time for God everyday. My gap year challenged me, stretched me, and set the standard for me going forward in how to live to bring God the utmost glory that He deserves.

Gwendelin S.

Class of 2017


Transition One helped me grow closer with God by giving me godly influences in my life, a deeper understanding of the Bible, and an environment where I could take intentional time to be with God. The classes and experiences we had over the year were incredibly valuable, from growing with my classmates, to having the opportunity to work in a foreign country with the protection of an experienced church while, still going into the field, doing things I never thought would be possible for me.

I’d say that the learning environment that Transition One provided was one I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. During the year, I was always learning something new and becoming a better version of myself. Taking a year to focus on God, not only changed my life but, made aware to me who I could be, in Jesus.

Kyle Paluch
Class of 2019


Taking part in Transition One was one of the best things I could have opted for after high school. The classes and experiences I had during the nine months I spent in this program were some of the best, most irreplaceable encounters I never would have expected to experience. Not only did my social prowess, practical and theological knowledge, and general life skills improve, but my connection to and understanding of God has become exponentially more defined and clear than I would have thought I could achieve in my day to day life. 

I can’t think of a better way I could have spent those nine months. The staff are truly passionate about what they do, and it shows every step of the way. The friendships I made along the way will surely last me a lifetime-and-a-half, and the memories I have I will cherish forever. I cannot recommend Transition One enough.

Arelis Nieves
Class of 2019